Life Post The Demise Of My Two Year Old Blog

When I tried checking my blog yesterday, I saw it had disappeared. I realized it might be due to the monthly payment that I had missed paying while we were traveling and once I do that, it will be back. Unfortunately, the good people at GoDaddy punishes defaulters in a harsher way, so even though I’ve made timely payments for the last two years, amounting to around INR 1,000 per month, they want me to pay INR4,999 just to get my website back. I chose to give up on my two years’ worth of writing.  Not entirely though, because my husband could retrieve around 50% of the data. However, it was still like parting with a close friend. Someone who didn’t mind my cribbing and complaining, someone who would forgive me even if I didn’t keep in touch for days on end, someone who would let pour my heart out and listen silently and sometimes offer wise solutions even as I kept contemplating and meandering with my words. Yes, my blog might have been one of my best friends. And I lost her. I imagine she must have been suffering from some tough ailment. Recently, I watched the movie The Fault in Our Stars, and like the movie, our relationship was as perfect as the one between Augustus and Hazel. It does hurt but it also teaches me a lesson or two about impermanence. Also, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to compare the pure and perfect love between these two teenagers suffering from cancer with my relationship with my blog. It is a loss and I’m sad and it just reminded me of the book/movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, enjoy a clip here which by the way, again made me cry buckets of tears.

So, I watched this movie while I was traveling from Delhi to Doha. I’d read the book before but well, if you know me, you’ll understand that I’m a sucker for anything emotional. So, basically an advertisement featuring a puppy or a baby will make me cry and this was a whole movie. I was crying my eyes out in the plane. D looked at me and just smiled. He knows me by now. The flight attendant goes by with a concerned look on her face while I vigorously wipe my eyes and sniffle. While writing this piece I went and watched one YouTube clip after another and then this clip below has a song which also melts my heart every time I listen to it. So, I cried some more. You can enjoy (or cry, if you’re like me) the clip below:

Anyway, so the loss of a best friend means I need someone else in my life again. No, don’t worry I won’t write like those children in school that the best friend position in my life is open for consideration. No, no instead I thought of recreating my past self through bits and pieces of my retrieved work. It will take time but it will be worth it, if not for anyone else, at least for me.


(Sometimes, ruins are all you’re left with and yet their beauty doesn’t let you lose hope.)

So, I wrote the first part of my Rome and Venice trip and I wish to write one more article on that and continue with it. I have been reading a lot so yes my year in books, would be something else you can consider reading, too. When it comes to reading, I like diverse choices, so you would find women’s fiction, literary, young adult, mystery, psychological thrillers and a lot more. You might like something to your liking there, as well.

books read in 2017

I end the introductory or pointless (depending on the way you look at it, it can be either) post here. I look forward to seeing you in my Universe.


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