The Neighbourhood Bread Seller

(This is an old post from the blog that I lost)

Every day he comes with a cart full of bread, chips, eggs, and biscuits. My neighbourhood bread seller. His wares are limited but people do need breakfast items. Thing is, with time things improve. Though improvement might be a subjective term, like many economic theories suggest, the outcome that benefits the maximum people is considered to be the best outcome. So, now we have a brand new supermarket just behind our lane, selling everything from jams, breads, to floor cleaners and face washes. There are neatly uniformed salespeople in the shop helping customers find the items of their choice in an air conditioned setup.  You can also call them and they’ll deliver at your doorstep.

How does the interest of a physically challenged bread seller pushing a heavy cart from morning till night outweigh the interest of so many people? It does not.

Coming from an economics background I do get that. But I’m more than what they teach in college or what it says in my CV, right? I’m that heart that gently urges me to take small yet positive actions, I am those eyes that fill with tears at the sight of another being’s pain, I am that brain that knows how to earn money, and the hand that knows where to spend that. Economics needs to take a backseat when every part of my being nudges me towards compassion.

So, I go down four flights of stairs and buy my breads and eggs from this man. I might go to the department store for other needs but in my own small way I try helping another human striving to make an honest living. Also, if I consider my regular feeding of stray animals and people coming to my place to offer help with domestic chores, I can create more requirement for his products as well. So, thats what I do.

To hell with economics and profits and losses my soul shouts out in triumph and my face breaks into a bright smile as radiant as the summer sky.

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