On Mother’s Day, This Goes Out To All My Friends Who’ve Lost Your Moms…

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Every year, when Father’s Day approaches, I’m filled with a sense of absence and longing. You see, I lost my father when I was three. I don’t even have memories about him to cherish. I just know that I’ve grown with this huge gap in my life. Whenever I saw my friends being accompanied by both their parents during Parent Teacher meetings or any other school event, whenever I witnessed a child on their father’s shoulders or being pampered by their dads, or a father wiping his tears at his daughter’s marriage, I’d be filled with a sense of loss in my own life. And so, every Father’s Day, I simply wish for the day to go by soon so that the lovely posts on my social media feed don’t pain me any further.

So, I think I understand how my friends out there without a mother might feel on Mother’s Day. I know it hurts. No matter at what age you lose a parent, nothing can really replace his or her place in our lives. And so, here’s to all of you out there who are feeling low on Mother’s Day just like I feel on Father’s Day.

Grief is a part of our lives but whatever we are today is because of our parents. When this day is celebrated, you can send out a prayer to Mamma and tell her how much you owe her and how you miss her. Because trust me, she misses you too. 

You can try being the mother you lost for someone else, your own children, you furry babies, or any body else who needs that love in their lives but has no one else to gift them with a Mother’s love. 

You can dedicate the day to the Spirit of Motherhood and celebrate mothers in all forms, including you if you too are a mother for someone.  

Above all, you got to know this. There are people around you who love you and these people are in some way the manifestations of your mother. Send a prayer of gratitude for these people. I, for example, thank the Universe for my partner who along with being a loving husband is also my best friend, and a protective parent. I know he has my back no matter what, just like I have his. 

Please don’t be sad my friends, wherever our parents are right now, they want to see us happy. And so, this day is dedicated to all of us and we should remember our moms with a smile on our lips even if we can’t help the tears in our eyes.

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