These Simple Things

these simple things

The taste of first summer rain on your tongue

A song on the radio from a time left far away

The happiness of your dogs when you return home

A familiar scent reminding you of someone you once knew


The mountain roads shrouded by blue mist

The spray of the ocean on your face

The quiet corner on the terrace with a good book

The sweetness of mango juice dripping down your chin


The laughter of a child reflected in her eyes

The purr of a cat when you rub its belly

The wonder filled days of discovering new places

The quiet inner journey to find yourself.


Getting lost in the flow of creating art

Finding a kindred soul in an author’s words

The star strewn night promising of better days ahead

A smile from a stranger during a desolate time


Simple things have the power to restore us

Simple things make us believe once again

Simple things aren’t so ‘simple’ after all

When we see what a huge difference those can make.


(I read a poem with the same title by Ruskin Bond and wanted to write a poem of my own on this.)

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