Why Do I Walk Away From (Most) Online Arguments These Days?


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The internet is a wonderful thing opening our lives to unprecedented amount of knowledge and entertainment, making us bond with like minded individuals, and creating more efficiency in our lives through services such as online shopping (which might also be the reason for our monthly bankruptcy, but I digress).

However, the internet is not an easy place to reside in. If you’re anything like me (and chances are high that you are), all your work, your creative passion, and your entertainment needs are tied to the laptop in front of you. So, in case you spend more time with the machine than with another living being, you know what I’m talking about.

With so many people logged in together into this Giant Web, of course, sometimes our opinions differ. What ensues in the name of argument at times is incessant trolling. Even when you are in no mood to launch into a lengthy debate, someone might egg you on. All because your viewpoints don’t match theirs.

Something that I don’t quite understand is that why do most of us have this obsessive need to be proven correct, or to have the last say?

When someone says they don’t want to get into an argument, can we not leave it at that?

We can have different opinions and still coexist peacefully, you know?

Sometimes, no amount of discussion or debate will make either you or me budge from our respective points of view, then what’s the point in wasting our energy and time into something so futile?

Let’s choose our battles wisely. Not all of those are meant to be fought or worth fighting for, anyway.




2 thoughts on “Why Do I Walk Away From (Most) Online Arguments These Days?

  1. Great post. I prefer to discuss topics in general rather than argue or debate my own viewpoint on a specific issue. In discussion, I try to limit a contrary viewpoint to one exchange. Once you exchange contrary views back and forth, it becomes a debate–an unending tennis match.

    btw; minor suggestion– Internet should be capitalized.

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    • Yes, I agree. It does become a tennis match! I too try to follow the same principle of posting something I believe in, if someone has a contrary viewpoint, I might listen and if I don’t agree I might present my viewpoint but that’s about it. Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t serve any good purpose. With regards to capitalization, you mean net neutrality shouldn’t be there anymore?? 😦 Really?? 😦


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