When She Was Cheated On

(Image Source: Pinterest)
Seeds of days, months, years
Watered with tenderness and hope.
Little by little,
The sapling emerges.
The relationship blooms into a mighty tree.
Thick bunch of moist, green, leaves
Promising shade against harsh weather,
Deep reaching roots
Signifying a solid, strong foundation.
Branches extending their arms
As if in friendship
And with the vow
Of being there through good times and bad.
Two people entwined in each other’s lives
Trading dark secrets and proud moments,
Showing their jagged edges and raw insides.
And then,
On an otherwise uneventful day,
He decides to uproot the tree.
She is left befuddled
While the door of indifference and jadedness slams shut before her
Hiding the promises of a ‘happily ever after’.
She claws at her mind to find
The exact moment when things started unraveling.
She struggles to come to terms with the tree’s untimely demise.

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