#NoteToSelf- No One But You


(Image Source: Pixabay)

To all those single people looking for meaningful relationships,
There are times when I wish I could tell you this
Look, but don’t expect this loneliness will magically disappear
I wish you knew how lonely it feels to be with someone
Cause this. This right here
In the center of your chest
The sudden lump that lodges into your throat
Like a fish bone
This is, and will always be
Yours to carry
No one will take it away.
The weight of your shadow
That you carry on your back,
The strange feeling of being a black little mustard seed
Within a huge, sunny field,
No one will be chivalrous enough to say,
‘May I take your baggage?’
Of course, there are times, you know?
Times when you look at a person
The hint of spices in their perfume
Their laughter like the sound of xylophones
The way they seem to understand the reasons
Why you wake up in the middle of the night
Thirsty and alone
And why you tend to feel like crying
Without any reason at times
They may seem to be like the blanket
You’ve been searching for,
The one that you wrap around yourself
And enjoy the winter sun on your feet
They may taste like the childhood mango ice cream
The tangy juice on your tongue
That made you forget that you miss dad
They’ll seem like the perfect piece of the puzzle
That fits into the jigsaw of your heart.
And yet, let me tell you, sweetheart
Everything will be a tempting but sad illusion.
No one fits,
No one will understand your deepest fears,
Or embrace your ugliest flaws
Like those were your most beautiful parts.
No one. But You.


21 thoughts on “#NoteToSelf- No One But You

    • Thanks so much, Gayatri! When a talented poet such as yourself gives such a compliment it truly makes my day! 🙂 You know, I wrote this piece keeping in mind the prompt in our last class. Somehow, better ideas come to me at home than in the class. 😦


  1. I have a fish bone in my throat now. 😀
    Love the piece Kasturi. Infact I think poetry and prose might just be your forte. And honestly, i read this post right web I most needed to hear those words. No one, but me.

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    • Lakshmi, thank you so much for telling that these might be my forte! Thanks so so much as I really do wish to excel in these and such words of encouragement push me to strive even harder! 🙂 I’m so glad to know that it resonated with you on some level. After all, what more can a writer ask for than someone to tell them, ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ 🙂 You know, there are times when we need someone to tell us that we are enough and that’s why I wrote this. It feels nice to see so many people felt connected to this piece esp since it is so raw and vulnerable. 🙂

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  2. It’s a beautiful poem, Kasturi. It caught my attention and I read it several times. To accept ourselves is very important indeed, and not easy.
    “To all those single people looking for meaningful relationships,
    There are times when I wish I could tell you this”
    When you find the right person, and work together day by day to build your joint life together, you can create a partnership of great and lasting happiness.
    Take heart!
    With best wishes

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    • Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it and sharing your views, Penny. Actually, my intention was not to say that meaningful relationships don’t exist, my intention was to say that even the most perfect relationships come with certain caveats. So, to think that a relationship will be the solution to all life’s problems or to expect a relationship to be the cure for everything, might not be prudent. There are happy relationships for sure, and dare I say, I believe I share one myself but that doesn’t mean that I never feel alone or there are certain things that I need to deal with myself. And I think, that’s true for most people. Expecting another person to understand us in our minutest detail might be too much to ask for. That was what I meant. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. Fantastic. That moment when we realise that we are unique and no one on this earth feels the agony and ecstasy of life exactly the same way. It is a kind of aloneness. But liberating when we realise that there is no replica of any of us. I love this poem as it reminds me of a familiar landscape and quest. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Such a beautiful poem Kasturi! The line that pulled me in was “I wish you knew how lonely it feels to be with someone” and the rest was such a wonderful description of how only we can understand ourselves. So glad Simon shared it or I would have missed it.

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