…In Which She Lives Happily Ever After


Red Benarasi,
Designer lehenga,
A honeymoon in Paris.
A sea facing bungalow in Mumbai
She worked with slum children before
He said, “Choose something more presentable.”
So, now she shops.
A lot.
She attends kitty parties with friends
For half of the year, he leaves for the sea
And she’s a regular face on Page 3.
But sometimes,
When the salt from the ocean hits her nose,
And the waves foam around her toes,
She wants to run away
Board the next train
Back to the old life where childish giggles and warmth of hugs
Await her.
Alcohol helps,
So does one night stands,
She looks at the mirror tracing her features
The face looks similar
But that’s not her anymore.
This ‘she’ is a fat parrot
To tired to kick open
The tiny door of her golden cage.
The sky tries to whisper sometimes,
The noise from the discos drown its voice.


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