Things I’ve Been Doing These Days

First of all, Hope all of you (who celebrate the festival) had a lovely Diwali. I had a nice time decorating the house with rangolis and diyas along with my husband. Then we ate some amazing momos and watched Modern Family (yeah, we’re not the most religious people out there). But it was overall a wonderful day and I think that should be the point of any celebration, right? 🙂


(Happy Diwali! Image: Author’s Own)

October has been a bad month, blogging wise. I was traveling for the first ten days and then somehow, I got pulled into this vortex of other activities. Thankfully those activities did include writing. Though I didn’t write anything here, but I’ve done other things writing wise:

  1. I’ve started writing my novel (yayy finally!).
  2. I’ve completed a writer’s workshop which was going on for the last three months. I learnt a lot in the process, especially the fact that I love writing poetry.
  3. I have deactivated my Facebook account. This is connected to my writing because I’ve been feeling too bogged down mentally to focus properly on writing. I recently read an article on Guardian, where the important brains behind building of the social media platforms have discussed how social media is basically dumbing us down, almost reducing us into veritable zombies.
  4. I understood that not all writing is important. There are a lot of people I know who blog almost every day, either that or they are publishing their article on some platform or the other. I was having a kind of FOMO-the fear of missing out on opportunities. But now I realize that this is not for me. I don’t need to write to get a few likes and comments. I want to be a novelist, I dream of being a published writer. So, in order to follow my long term goals, I needed to detach myself from this short term adrenaline rush. This is in no way to say that I’m right and others are wrong, but people have their individual priorities that we sometimes tend to forget, when the little voice inside our head gets drowned by chaos and chatter from all over.
  5. I do plan on taking part in one or two short story contests that promises publishing opportunities but I’m being very selective as to how I utilize my time and energy.

So yes, this is what I’ve been doing and also, I’ve been reading a lot. However, I do want to blog more on things close to my heart and maybe I’ll pick up the pace over these last few days of the month.


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