#WATWB: Environmental Conservation Efforts Of Over 100 Countries Show Positive Results, Thus Likely Encouraging More Funding Towards The Cause

In a world where climate change is becoming an ever growing concern and we’re left wondering what will destroy the earth first-a nuclear war or nature’s ultimate fury, something good happening to the environment does come as awesome news!


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A new study that measured whether nations making monetary efforts to conserve the planet is actually deriving some tangible benefits has come up with some encouraging news. The paper that has been published in Nature last week, shows how 109 countries invested $14.4 billion over a decade towards initiatives that promoted conservation. These initiatives included providing support for the management of protected areas like national parks and, reserves; supporting conservation infrastructure; training conservation officers; and creating public awareness. Based on the data, it can be seen that the biodiversity loss in these countries have slowed down by a median average of 29%. The main message from the report suggests that conservation efforts are indeed reaping huge benefits and that should encourage more policy makers across the globe to boost funding in order to attain the international policy targets. 

University of Illinois assistant professor Daniel Miller thinks that this is an encouraging news, saying:

“Effective conservation requires financial resources but donors and governments have been reluctant to provide the needed financing. Part of the reason is that there hasn’t been good evidence that previous funds have been effective….Investing in conservation pushes back on the weights that bring biodiversity down by 29 percent. We were surprised at how positive the finding was. We had a hunch that the funding would be effective, but didn’t realize it would be this effective.” 

The financial data from 1992 to 2003, that is the decade following the 1990 Earth Summit, suggests that the financing during that time resulted in healthier ecosystems globally between 1996 to 2008. Countries that were more generous in their funding towards conservation had actually reaped greater benefits, such as a sharper decline in the threat posed to their habitats and native species, compared to countries that spent lesser amounts towards conservation efforts.

The researchers said: “Decision-makers can use this model to forecast the improvement that any proposed biodiversity budget would achieve under various scenarios of human development pressure, and then compare these forecasts to any chosen policy target.”

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In a world dominated by negativity and hatred, We Are the World Blogfest is a small step towards promoting positivity and humanity. It focuses on stories and true events that highlight compassion, love, and the undying spirit of human resilience. This is my second entry to the blogfest which is on its fifth month now. Some amazing bloggers are a part of this initiative, spreading the message of love, hope and humanity. #WATWB is a blog hop on the last Friday of every month. I thank Shilpa Garg, Sylvia McGrath, Mary Giese, Belinda Witzenhausen and Guilie Castillo for co-hosting the blogfest this month.

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