(Image Source: Author’s Own)

That time in the morning, the time when it’s grey outside-when the night and the day blend into a swift embrace before they bid each other goodbye. You open your eyes and you cannot fall back asleep. You look at your phone and there’s still some time left for the alarm to order you to wake up. You toss and turn in the bed before finally kicking off the sheets and standing next to the window. You don’t know this world, this midway between night and morning. It is like watching someone change clothes without their knowledge, their vulnerability, their nakedness makes you uncomfortable, yet, you cannot look away. Your eyes are feasting on the beauty of a rare time of the day. Not in a voyeuristic way though. Rather, you’re reverent. You stand at the threshold of a day with new possibilities. You can still see the remnants from the night before, like a cigarette butt in the dust, glowing one last time. You keep looking as the soft glow of daylight makes its presence felt. The night is no more. You look back upon the times when you’ve stood at thresholds in your life and how the steps you took thereafter decided the course of your life till this point where you’re standing today. There will be more such thresholds, more such last embraces in the future. You’re scared of the unknown, but you’re also excited. You have no idea where you’re going next. But you decide to welcome the uncertainties, the thresholds, the transitions, nevertheless.

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