Friday Fictioneers: Public Toilet


(Image Credit: ©Russell Gayer)

I swore and stopped the car.

‘The road trip was your idea!’ Veena huffed.
‘Yeah but not stopping overnight in the village was yours!’ I retorted.
‘Do you think it was safe for two women there?’
‘Shut up!’ I shouted tearing the silence apart.

My friend disappeared into the thicket with only the flashlight to guide her.

Five minutes. I saw a bike approaching from the end of the road. My heart raced.

I was startled when she unlocked the door. ‘There was an abandoned public toilet nearby!’ She sounded relieved.

I looked behind and stepped on the accelerator.

Linking this story with Rochelle Wiseoff´s Friday Fictioneers . This week´s photo is given by What’s His Name.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Public Toilet

    • Thank you, Neil. Yes, this was imagined but sadly based on a lot of true incidents that happen in my country. 😦 The positive thing is that women still travel by themselves and fight these problems. 🙂

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