Finishing My First Draft

There’s a gulmohar tree that I can see from where I sit and write on my terrace. I stare at it. The azure sky and the streaks of white clouds against it, create a lovely contrast that makes the flaming red of the tree’s flowers stand out even brighter. It’s almost six in the evening and there’s a breeze that makes the flowers in my terrace garden shimmy in delight. A dove sits on the branch of a neem tree, as other birds fly by. No, Delhi isn’t always so pleasant and pretty, this is just a tiny sliver of the delectable spring that the city has kindly offered to us, before summer breathes its fury down our neck.

But today, I’m especially happy. Everything seems prettier this evening. The roses on my terrace are in full bloom, the gardenias, petunias, and pansies spread the brightness and colors of Holi across my terrace and I take it all in.

Why so happy, you ask?

I have just typed The End on the first draft of my novel. Maybe, I feel more happy than I should? (Why are we so guilty of our pleasurable feelings, I wonder!)

Anyway, I know there’s so much of junk that I’d have to wade through, so much of rewriting before I can even call the second draft done and dusted. But nevertheless, I’ll take a moment out to celebrate.

(God! Why don’t we have wine at home?)

I feel incredible right now!

I know, I know. It’s not a huge deal for many people. But for me it is! It truly is. I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I started writing. I began writing this novel in November last year and completed 50,000 words of it in a month’s time. (Thanks NaNoWriMo.) But then I took a lot of breaks. Plus life came in the way. Finally, today I finished it and it is a little over 70,000 words.

I’ll start on the second daft over the next week and I plan on finishing it in three months.

But the important thing for me is the realization that I am capable of doing it. I do have it in me.

Of course, it is more difficult than I can describe in words but I swear it is So. Much. Fun. doing what you truly love doing.

I feel like paraphrasing Monica from FRIENDS, and telling myself:

“Welcome to the writing world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.”

finishing my first draft

19 thoughts on “Finishing My First Draft

  1. Congratulations, Kasturi! This is indeed great news 😊And as for the second draft –I know you can do it! Best wishes, and give it your most! 🤗🤗🤗

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