3 Reasons Why Megan Miranda’s All The Missing Girls Disappointed Me

all the missing girls

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Psychological thrillers are my guilty pleasures. Yeah, yeah I know, some of you’ll say that why should you be guilty of what you’re reading and I totally agree with you. But I still like calling them that because, well because, in most cases they’re entertaining as hell, sometimes making me miss out on other work to catch up on a few more pages. Yes, maybe not so guilt ridden but pleasurable as hell.

I’d been reading a lot of psychological thrillers lately. As I said, like the chips commercial, for me it is difficult to stop at one. This book had been intriguing me for a long time with its structure. Well, this is a story told backwards.

Story told backward is a bit of a mind fuck


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A girl disappears and then 10 years later a second girl disappears. Nic, the protagonist comes back to her hometown, to settle some of her family matters when she starts trying to figure what exactly happened 10 years back with Corrine and then again with Annalaise. The book starts from Day 15 after Annalaise’s disappearance and then ends at Day 1. Full marks for originality. I’ve never read a thriller like this and I wouldn’t expect such a thriller to work out even. But in this case, it does work.

However, there’s a caveat too. Our brains aren’t quite attuned to this reverse telling of events and hence, sometimes I’m left grappling in the plot to think whether this particular incident happened in the last chapter (that is in the day after) or is it happening in this chapter which is the (current day). Now if it is in the same day then it is in proper chronological order while if it was in the last chapter then it is a future event. So yeah, the brain at times felt like a tangled spool of yarn while I tried to smoothen out the knots and make sense of things.

Good writing doesn’t make up for a lack of plot


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Well, the writing is absolutely breathtaking. Miranda clearly has a masterful control over her craft which is pretty evident page after page. However, after a while especially from the middle onward, I was like, ‘Yeah I get it. You write well. But can we get on with the story please?’

The story lacks meat. There’s really not much going on and the only thing that kept me turning the pages was her good writing. But in the end, I felt cheated. Like, I could see this conclusion from miles away and you gave me nothing to feel satisfied to have carried on for so long! There are a few decent twists and turns but overall, if you’re on the lookout for a good psychological thriller, I wouldn’t ask you to read it.

The ending lacked fizz


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So here’s the thing. Many times, I tend to look past a lot of flaws in a book if the ending delivers a fitting climax. Well, this book sorely disappoints in that count. You’re reading a thriller expecting your mind to be blown by the end but all I was left with was, ‘What? That’s it?!’

Final Verdict

So if you want to read a thriller with a completely original treatment, then I encourage you to read this because despite everything it still worked backwards. Points to the author on that one. but if you go ahead with expectations of being blown away by the twists and turns, then slow down. Because nothing of that sort will happen. all you get is an innovative book with evocative language.

My Rating


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