The Power Of Uplifting Mobile Apps (Nothing Technical, I Promise!) #LifeHacks #SelfHelp #HelpfulResources

I sometimes feel like I’m a sponge. I love absorbing every bit of knowledge or words of advice or wisdom from everywhere I can. Of course, the only caveat is that I need to feel that those words will help me in my personal growth or enhance my life in a certain way.

So, when I got a new phone recently (because the older one was broken), the only exciting thing for me was that unlike my older phone that was perennially short on space, this one had a whole lot of capacity for me to download apps I wanted to. I made myself promise one thing first. I would not download social media and ‘pollute’ this phone. Earlier I’d observed that social media was the single most important reason why I’d remain stuck to my phone and why my phone would always run low on battery. Next, I went on to search for apps I’d wanted, but couldn’t store in my previous phone.

First came, Duolingo. The app that helps you learn languages. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning the basics of Italian right now. Why Italian, you ask? Because Italy is one of my favorite places to visit, till now.


Next, I downloaded the TED app. I’ve always enjoyed the talks on that platform, so these days, while I commute in the evening for an hour (to and fro), I’ve started listening to the talks. There’s a feature that lets you download talks you like for later listening. Hence, I can listen to those even offline, as well.


This morning, I woke up with a new idea. (Okay, so I have this habit of waking up with different ideas on how I can improve my life and enhance my productivity, every morning. This generally stems from my fear that I’m not doing enough.). Why not download a podcast app? So, while still on bed, I downloaded Podcast Player. And girl, did it open up a treasure trove of brilliant talks? Starting from Oprah, to Marie Forleo, to James Altucher, to Lewis Howes, to some of the best writing and feminist podcasts, I am spoilt for choice now!

wiman listening.jpg

Imagine, replacing the crappy songs that we listen to over and over again while commuting and instead, listening to something life transforming?

In fact, it was one of the podcasts that spoke about the power of consistency that made me come to my blog and scribble down this post!

So far this morning, while cooking and finishing other household chores, I listened to a podcast by Gretchen Rubin on life lessons from Harry Potter, then one on writer’s envy (hey, I’m just human!) by K.M Weiland, and 21 productivity hacks by 21 authors on The Writer Files.

If not anything, this provided me with a wonderful start to the day. Being a writer isn’t easy, you need constant motivation because let’s face it, the inner critic is the meanest creature out there. In fact, why only writing, I think more or less all of us can do well with a daily dose of motivation that propels us to go that extra mile towards the achievement of our goals. When we have all the world’s wisdom literally within the palms of our hands, why not give it a try?

(Image Source: Unsplash)



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