About Me


At times, I’m a volcano waiting to erupt and at other times, I’m a just an evening cityscape waiting for tired souls to return from work and rest. After searching for it in the depth of the high seas and on the peaks of wild mountains, I finally found my purpose in life. All this while it was buried like a forgotten seed inside the deepest crevice of my soul, the only place that I’d forgotten to search! My purpose in life is to write, at least to make my best attempt at writing before I have to leave…

So, yeah, this blog is about writing. And reading. And life. And anything that is strong enough to make me move my lazy butt and pen down my thoughts about it.

Oh yes, and I love to travel and eat dark chocolates and cuddle up with four furry and one human friend. 🙂

This is my second attempt at creating a space for myself as my two year old blog expired in April 2017 due to some technical glitches. (You might find a couple of posts before April 2017 here, these are some book reviews that I posted with older dates from my Goodreads profile.)

Other than online publications, so far my work appeared in the following print anthologies:

Bengal Write Ahead Best 50 Stories from the Facebook Contest

Kunti’s Confessions & Other Short Stories: 15 exciting stories inspired by India’s best women authors

Escape Velocity

When Women Speak Up: A Women’s Web Collection of inspiring stories