The Power Of Uplifting Mobile Apps (Nothing Technical, I Promise!) #LifeHacks #SelfHelp #HelpfulResources

I sometimes feel like I'm a sponge. I love absorbing every bit of knowledge or words of advice or wisdom from everywhere I can. Of course, the only caveat is that I need to feel that those words will help me in my personal growth or enhance my life in a certain way. So, when … Continue reading The Power Of Uplifting Mobile Apps (Nothing Technical, I Promise!) #LifeHacks #SelfHelp #HelpfulResources


Photo Prompt: C.E. Ayr The house looked like a broken tooth that marred the beauty on the pretty face of our dolled-up neighbourhood. The grand villas, the posh apartment complexes, the manicured lawns, the swanky super markets, everything spoke of wealth and progress. That dilapidated house, with its broken doors, mossy walls, and a solitary … Continue reading Decay

The Glasses

Tired after the day’s events, Roy entered his bedroom and glanced upon that old pair of glasses lying on the table. With tears streaming down his eyes, he picked it up, thinking about the number of times he was annoyed at being asked to find it. Sometimes left inside the fridge, sometimes on top of … Continue reading The Glasses